Attraction at Six Flags Amusement Park


Attractions at Six Flags theme park is a huge draw for millions of people. They travel to this park for the rides, the fun, and the thrills. The attractions at Six Flags are among the best in the world of amusement park entertainment. Let’s check out these rides and what they can do.

Six Flags Amusement Park

The New 2017 Attractions:

The year 2017 was big for Six Flags. In 2017, they released new rides for visitors to experience. These rides included new dark rides, roller coasters, and water attractions. Here is a quick preview of these new park rides.

  • Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 3-D
  • Hurricane Harbor
  • Thunder Rapids
  • Swing Tower
  • New Revolution
  • Banzai Pipelines
  • Spinsanity

The Best Amusement Ride at Six Flags:

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 3-D is a big hit. This ride allows visitors to travel through the park and battle against Joker and other Justice League Nemesis. They will aid Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in their quest to rid the Metropolis of bad guys. Riders can use lasers, special 3-D glasses, and their heroic antics to make this game a real winner.

Thunder Rapids:

Thunder Rapids is a huge water ride that is designed like a roller coaster. The ride is not designed to get people wet. However, some of them will get soaked because the coaster has huge water propelled jets that move them along.

Hurricane Harbor:

Hurricane Harbor is Six Flags latest water area where there are lots of huge waves, water blasts and slides to keep people cool and refreshed during a hot summer day at the park.

Swing Tower:

The Swing Tower’s official name is the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth. This unit will twirl people through the air at a speed of 40 mph.

The New Revolution:

The New Revolution is a virtual roller coaster ride where riders actually where virtual equipment while they travel around on a live coaster. This is probably one of the unique amusement rides at the park.


Spinsanity features a spinning platform ride where riders will travel along a track while being rotated in a spinning motion.

Mardis Gras Festival:

Six Flags will be including a Mardis Gras Festival for park goers. It will take place in March and April.

Holiday in the Park:

Holiday in the Park will also be included for Six Flag goers who want to visit the park during the cold winter months.

Standard Six Flags Coasters:

Six Flags also has their standard coasters and amusement rides which include the X2, Goliath, Twisted Colossus, the New Revolution, Full Throttle, Viper, Tidal Wave, Gold Rusher and the Ninja. Visitors can also experience many more roller coasters that are available at Six Flags.

Concerts and Other Events at Six Flags:

Six Flags also sponsors many concerts. The Fright Fest concert, Caribbean concert, and featured artists are usually booked every year to appear at the park. So, park goers can experience the rides before attending the concerts to finish off the evening. Concerts vary throughout the year and season. So, guests should call ahead to see who be playing. These are but a few of many attractions available at Six Flag theme parks today.

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